Getting your Quiz on

Teeming with trivial titbits and filled with fun factoids, there’s no social activity that puts someone’s mind to the test like a pub quiz. In the best cases only the most randomly outrageous questions will do.

By Alinta Geling and Boudewijn Groothuizen*

Do you know what “DCA” stands for in military avionics? Thought so. Or, how much were the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daichii power plant insured for before the devastating tsunami in 2011? Those are only some of the questions that were featured in the Nuclear Pub Quiz, organised by Alinta Geling and Boudewijn Vijfhuizen as the first of their follow-up events of the Nuclear Diplomacy Crash Course.

Packed into De Deugd, the venue of choice in The Hague, six teams were the in the race to win a very special first prize: a (homemade) pound of yellow cake. After 6 rounds of questions (a total of 60 questions), there were two teams tied for first place: the “No Moh Nuclear Weapohn!”’s and “Big Bang”’s. They were followed closely by “The Atoms Family”, “The Nagasaki Ninja’s” (Codename: SMAK), “The Chernobyl Tribles” and “Victoria’s Secret”: the latter two teams tied for last place. With more than enough cake to go around for both winning teams, the evening was a great success.

* Alinta Geling and Boudewijn Groothuizen are both Bachelor students Liberal Arts and Sciences at Leiden University College, Boude and are two of the ten the Nuclear Diplomacy Crash Course students of this year.

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