Susi speaks to NPT Prepcom

In Vienna, I delivered a very shortened statement this afternoon, with some things for States to consider in this NPT Review Cycle. These remarks are below.

Thank you Mr Chair,

In light of your request to keep our remarks brief, I’ve shortened mine considerably, the full background paper is here, and the original (longer) statement can be found here.

Here are some ideas to consider as you begin this Review Conference Cycle:

·         Recognise the nuclear weapon prohibition treaty as an effective measure that could catalyse action to implement the already agreed plans to create and maintain a world without nuclear weapons- no one moves from the status quo without being uncomfortable, and this is clearly making those who uphold the status quo uncomfortable;

·         Restate commitment to the treaty as a whole, including the unequivocal undertaking to achieve nuclear disarmament, and encourage all states to undertake all types of effective measures in the direction of nuclear disarmament;

·         Retain the moratorium on nuclear weapons testing;

·         Consider setting up an independent task force under the auspices of the CTBTO, for on-site inspection;

·         Start an independent, transparent accounting process for global fissile material stockpiles- build off the work done in the Trilateral Initive and other efforts to get going;

·         Consider a new type of counting of nuclear weapons that is based on capabilities for production, instead of delivery system numbers;

·         Discuss the reports received from nuclear armed states in the last cycle, and NPDI should consider hosting some open events on this.

·         Stop making nuclear weapons, stop helping nuclear weapons get made, demand a halt to the so called “modernisation” efforts in all nuclear armed countries;

·         End contracts for new nuclear weapon production and new capability developments, and ensure that your national pension funds or other financial institutions are not providing financing for the companies that have these contracts;

·         There have been some unilateral reductions of nuclear weapons- there needs to be more, and not in the way that would mean less missiles flying but more people dying (so no MIRVing warheads!);

·         De-coupling is stronger than de-alerting, both are helpful;

·         Explicitly reject the use of nuclear weapons, under any circumstances;

·         If not willing to explicitly reject the use of nuclear weapons, explain under what circumstances use could possibly be justified;

·         Recognise exercises with nuclear capable forces contribute to escalating tensions, halting these exercises is a good idea;

·         Celebrate that the blocked forums on nuclear disarmament have been unblocked through the democratic efforts of the UNGA in establishing negotiations on a nuclear weapon prohibition and use this momentum to build for the future.

Thank you.