With our combined strength we can end this scourge on our galaxy

The last couple of days have been super busy at the office. Saturday night’s documentary featuring former Prime Minister Lubbers confirming that there are, indeed, nuclear weapons in the Netherlands (as countless people have said for decades) resulted in a slew of media attention and engagement with MPs and others.

Then this morning, I got an email from Global Zero, featuring a preview of their new video. It’s an awesome piece- with superstars – including my teenage definition of what a real man is, yes you Lloyd Dobler. I’ve been sharing it around on twitter and facebook, and it let to some good conversations….

For one- when Morgan Freeman suggests something, don’t you just automatically believe him? Not to be unduly influenced by South Park, but, yeah, I kind of do. He’s a sincere fellow. Trustworthy. If he says nuclear weapons should be eliminated, I’ll support a new freckle.

Secondly, when Robert DeNiro suggests you do something, do you really want to cross him? Yes, I’m talking to you…. He demands zero, and I think its a message others can share.

And lastly, where was James Earl Jones? Surely his authoritative voice would have added something to this video. Not least, the sound of Darth Vader saying Nuuuukes, ban the Nukes, with our combined strength we can end this scourge upon the galaxy!

Just sayin.