Published on May 4th, 2012 | by Selma van Oostwaard


Rejuvenating the nuclear debate: 13 key recommendations

New Generation – New Perspectives
Rejuvenating the nuclear debate: 13 key recommendations

We are a group of eight students participating in a crash course on nuclear diplomacy organised by IKV Pax Christi. As the final stage of our crash course we are now actively participating in the 2012 PrepCom. Having spent the last week going to meetings with delegations, government briefings and side-events we wish to present our recommendations on the issues surrounding nuclear disarmament. We hope these recommendations provide a fresh and welcome perspective and encourage the continued effort towards securing a world free of nuclear weapons.

Download the article: ‘New Generation – New Perspectives: Rejuvenating the nuclear debate: 13 key recommendations’


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Selma supports all the disarmament work at PAX with a special emphasis on the No Nukes team. In 2014 she and other PAX disarmament campaigners launched a public campaign in the Netherlands to initiate the creation of national legislation to outlaw nuclear weapons: One of the result of this national campaign is that a vast majority of the House wants the Netherlands to start working internationally for a nuclear weapons ban.

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