Published on August 28th, 2015 | by Krista van Velzen


Regeringsbrief over NPV roept vragen op


De analyse in de brief van minister Koenders over de toetsingsconferentie van het Non-Proliferatieverdrag, roept bij PAX een aantal vragen op. Eerder publiceerde PAX al haar eigen analyse over het falen van de toetsingsconferentie. Nu reageren wij richting de buitenlandwoordvoerders van de Tweede Kamer  met een aanvullende brief.  


About the Author

Krista van Velzen is a former Dutch MP and is currently working as nuclear disarmament campaigner with PAX in The Netherlands. She is running a citizens initiative in the Netherlands in order to get national legislation banning nuclear weapons. Van Velzen has been working on disarmament issues since the early nineties. As spokesperson on defence and foreign affairs she has convinced the Dutch government to ban and eliminate clustermunitions and and to prohibite investments as well. She has worked in Central and Eastern Europe creating a network of campaigners on the nuclear issue. She organised a Walk for Nuclear Disarmament from Brussels to Moscow. Her attempts to disarm a British Trident submarine gave her truly interesting experiences inside a Scottish jail. Disagreeing with president Obama, she believes a world without nuclear weapons is achievable in this lifetime.

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