Good news: Swedish citizens want a ban on nukes!

Reading the newspaper this morning I once more realised how much of the news that reaches me is on negative developments. War, rape, violence, misery. And I stepped on the train with a big craving for good news. Inspiring news. News that makes me clap my hands and a little happy dance! And that’s exactly what I want to share with you.

Krista van Velzen

Remember ICAN? The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, in which 360 organisations in 93 countries are working on the abolition of nukes? 

One of the ICAN partners, the Swedish Physicians against Nuclear Weapons, conducted a public opinion poll asking Swedes whether they want their government to work on a ban on nuclear weapons. And the result is plain brilliant! Nine out of 10 Swedes would like Sweden to work for a ban on nuclear weapons! (eighty-nine percent to be more accurate).

The Swedish Physicians also asked all the represented political parties how they felt about the present government’s efforts on disarmament. And here’s more good news! All parties except for the conservatives were disappointed about the governments policies on arms and would welcome a ban on nuclear weapons!

The Swedish ICAN campaigners are now asking the government to shift position and join the group of countries that think the humanitarian consequences of nukes are of such nature that these weapons should be eliminated now. They are calling on their government to actively support the process for a global ban on nuclear weapons.

With elections coming up I know one way political parties can win the hearts of 89% of the Swedish population: promise to join the group of countries that believe change is possible, join the majority of the countries worldwide that are calling our for a ban on nuclear weapons!