Published on December 4th, 2012 | by Wilbert van der Zeijden


Enter Timmermans – Will the Dutch finally get rid of nuclear weapons?

Wilbert van der Zeijden’s article Enter Timmermans – Will the Dutch finally get rid of nuclear weapons? is published by NATO Watch today.

In his article Wilbert van der Zeijden refers to Mr. Frans Timmermans, the new Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs, who voted in April and May 2012 in favour of a series of motions that almost won a majority in Dutch parliament, calling for an end to investments in training and infrastructure for the Dutch nuclear tasks, an end to deployment, and an early decision not to buy new nuclear capable aircraft. Timmermans has grown bolder over the past few years advocating for the withdrawal of tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) from Europe. Does this mean that the Dutch will finally get rid of nuclear weapons?

Download the article: Enter Timmermans – Will the Dutch finally get rid of nuclear weapons?

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Wilbert van der Zeijden is the senior researcher of the Security and DIsarmament team of PAX. Wilbert currently focusses on getting US nuclear weapons out of Europe; WMD out of the Middle East and your savings out of nuclear weapons producing companies. He graduated at the Vrije University in Amsterdam and previously worked for about nine years for the think-tank Transnational Institute, as their Peace and Security Programme coordinator. Wilbert’s research interests include humanitarian disarmament, NATO and European security, toxic legacies of war and developments in international military infrastructure.

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