A world without nuclear weapons testing

The international Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) adopted by the United Nations has the support of many of the world’s nuclear weapons-capable nations. But not all. Today, there are still nuclear states that have not signed or ratified the treaty. Additional testing will cause unspeakable human suffering and untold environmental damage. Additional testing means that nuclear materials are more vulnerable to acquisition by international terrorists. Check out what you can do about this:

Stop nuclear weapon testing

Sign The ATOM Project Petition and let the world’s nuclear leaders know you demand an end to nuclear weapons testing—and the beginning of a nuclear safe world. The ATOM Project Petition is global petition drive to unite international public opinion against additional nuclear weapons testing and deliver those petition signatures to the leaders of nuclear and nearly nuclear weapons capable nations.

About the ATOM Project

The ATOM Project is an international campaign designed to do more than create awareness surrounding the human and environmental devastation caused by nuclear weapons testing. The ATOM Project hopes to affect real and lasting change by engaging millions of global citizens to permanently stop nuclear weapons testing by joining together to show the world’s leaders that the world’s citizens deserve and demand a world without nuclear weapons testing. By signing The ATOM Project petition and joining the dialogue, we can stop nuclear weapons testing forever. The ATOM Project is sponsored by The Nazarbayev Center, which has as one of its main missions the promotion of nuclear responsibility, disarmament, and global nonproliferation.

For more information about the ATOM Project, visit www.theatomproject.org/en/